New Spaces in Irvine Are Boldly Designed for the Future of Care

Health care is changing at a rapid pace. To meet the needs of communities across Orange County today and for years to come, Hoag is applying a forward-thinking design strategy to new buildings at its expanded Sun Family Campus. This not only includes how spaces look and the way they make people feel but also how they function in alignment with patients’ needs and hospital operations. Flexible, multi-use spaces benefit Hoag physicians and staff by giving them more options for delivering high-quality care and ensure new spaces are future-proof, able to be used for a variety of services down the road.

Such spaces include new operating rooms large enough to accommodate current innovations in technology and those still to be invented, allowing for a range of surgical procedures to be performed well into the future. Unlike standard operating rooms that only serve certain surgeries and specialties, operating rooms on the Sun Family Campus solve the problem of inadequate space and complicated scheduling by freeing up operating rooms for greater use. In addition to surgery, these fully enclosed spaces can be used for preoperative care and by the emergency department for patient observation after hours.

Inpatient rooms are being reimagined as smart rooms with automated features like digitized journey boards to help patients identify their care team, daily schedule, goals, and more. Enhanced communications and environmental controls are envisioned to allow patients to order meals, call for pastoral care, or adjust the lights, blinds, or temperature with greater ease. Patient rooms are also being designed to be adaptable, with the technology and equipment to facilitate various levels of care. This means patients can move from intensive care to intermediate or general care while staying in the same room.

Supported in part by generous donors to the Boldly Hoag campaign, the Sun Family Campus, scheduled to be complete in 2026, will prioritize streamlined care and the elevated, personalized patient experience Hoag is known for.

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Be Bold With Us

The launch of the Boldly Hoag campaign is a pivotal moment in Hoag’s history. Over the past 70 years, our community has partnered with us to realize each next step in our vision, catalyzing change and innovation to improve patient care. Once again, Hoag is relying on the support of philanthropic partners to lead the way forward in health care. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together. You belong here.