Hoag’s bold plans for expansion are already making waves throughout Orange County as construction promises increased access to Hoag’s world-class services in Irvine. For the community, Hoag’s promise of excellence and compassion has stood the test of time. Patients and families have shared an outpouring of support for Hoag’s growth based on their personal experiences.

“Hoag saved my life twice from stage-three colon cancer and prostate cancer. My wife’s treatment was even more amazing. Diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer and given a year at most to live, she was referred to radiation oncologist Dr. Craig Cox. His skill gave her more than five years of life until she finally succumbed last spring. Hoag gave me these additional good years with the person I loved.” – Benjamin, grateful patient

“I was treated at Hoag for throat cancer. From day one, I felt that my team at Hoag of doctors, nurses, technicians, and dietitians would win our fight against cancer. They were not just fighting cancer but Dale’s cancer. I give great credit to Hoag for me now being cancer-free! I share my success story as often as I can, and when asked by a friend or a friend of a friend for a recommendation of where to go for care and treatment, there is only one very quick answer: Hoag.” – Dale, grateful patient

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The launch of the Boldly Hoag campaign is a pivotal moment in Hoag’s history. Over the past 70 years, our community has partnered with us to realize each next step in our vision, catalyzing change and innovation to improve patient care. Once again, Hoag is relying on the support of philanthropic partners to lead the way forward in health care. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together. You belong here.